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Florida Metal Roofs

Beauty, Durability, Value

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, or Civic buildings

ABOUT Florida Metal Roofs

A professionally installed quality metal roof adds beauty, provides increased safety, and adds value to your home or business building.

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Florida Metal Roofs

Put the best over your head.

metal roof panel style
Beautiful Roof Materials

Metal roofing comes in a range of architectural styles and colors to complement almost any building design. Both modern and classic looks can be acheived by selecting the appropriate roofing panel profile and color for your building.

Talk to your architect or building contractor today about the options of using metal roofing on your existing building or new project.

industral roofing
New Construction

Metal roofs are also a wise choice for industrial structures as well as municipal and civic buildings.

The benefits to choosing a metal roof are many. Metal roofing is durable, energy efficient, nearly maintenance-free, fire resistant, and it has a lower life cycle cost than other roofing material options.

replace roof with metal roof panels
Replacement Roofs

If it's time to replace that old, ugly, or leaking shingle or cracked tile roof, then consider metal roofing for your home or business.

A qualified metal roofing contractor can inspect your current roof and discuss the options for re-roofing with metal roofing panels. Ther are local building codes and structural conditions to consider that may affect a re-roofing project.

What's over your head?


Metal Roofing

Florida is a perfect location to use metal roofs. Metal roofs are durable enough to stand up well to the heat, sun, rain, and storms we face in the south. The wide choice of roofing panel profiles, materials, and colors can fit metal roofing into just about any building project.

Metal Roofing is a smart choice,

for today's building needs.

modern architecture
Complements any Architecture


durable weather-proof metal roofing
Stands up to Stormy Weather


installing metal roofing panels
Quick, Professional Installation


Metal Roof Uses:

New Construction

Replacement Roofing

Houses, Condos, Townhomes

Commercial Buildings

Industrial Structures

Civic Buildings


Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofs are perfect for new construction and can also be used as a replacement roofing option.

Metal roofing is lightweight and relatively easy to install. Professional installation is recommended to guarantee proper installation and adherance to all state and local building codes.

small detail on architect's blueprint
Roofing Project

Meet with your architect or roofing contractor to discuss your building's roofing project requirements and schedule.

Consider the material choices and all the different styles and colors of metal roof panels.

construction worker performing re-roofing preparation
Re-Roofing Preparation

In some cases, the metal roofing panels may be applied over an existing roof, saving time and labor costs. Your contractor can explain any local building codes or structural conditions that may affect that option.

Stripping off all of the old roofing prior to attaching metal roofing panels provides for the best installation possible and allows for a thorough inspection of your roofing substructure.

red metal roof panel installation on prepared roof
Roofing Installation

A metal roof is relatively quick and easy to install once the preparation is completed.

The metal roof panels are modular and lightweight so that a roofing crew can cover a large area in a shorter time than with some other traditional roofing materials such as roof tiles.

Ask your architect or building contractor about using a metal roof on your home or business.


Metal Roof Examples

Here is a sample of residential and commercial structures using metal roofs in Florida towns just like yours.


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